Survey of BC Small-Scale Meat Producers

The information gathered by SSMPA in this survey will allow us to quantify our sector, including the specific barriers to growth faced by producers, and especially regional challenges and priorities. The survey has been developed by a large team of producers from across BC to document the economic and food-security impact of small-scale meat production in this province, and the potential opportunities for this sector.

Our goal is for every “small-scale” meat producer in BC to participate, including direct-sale meat producers of all sizes and those that stopped producing within the last five years. Help spread the word so your voices can inform the specific changes that are needed to let this sector grow and thrive in BC.

The survey should be completed by one person with deep familiarity and decision-making ability for the farm operation – either an owner, operator or highest-level manager. (One response per farm.)

The survey should take less than 15 minutes. All current producers who complete the survey are eligible to receive a $25 discount code for fencing supplies.

Click here to fill it out online: BC Small-Scale Meat Producers Survey

Alternatively, the survey can be completed by phone.
To book a time, call: 250-999-0296

Note: This survey asks for sensitive information about your livestock operation. The data collected will be strictly anonymous – even SSMPA will not know who submitted each response. The data will also be aggregated (mixed with other responses) when we report it, to further ensure we are protecting your privacy.

The survey will be open until August 20th, 2021. In September, SSMPA will be hosting regional “focus groups” of producers to discuss more complex questions, potential solutions to the priority problems identified through the survey, and SSMPA’s role in these.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments:

The Small-Scale Meat Producers Association (SSMPA) is a non-profit, non-governmental, producer-led organization whose purpose is to build greater stability and growth opportunities for our sector. You can explore our website to find out more about us and our work to date.

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