We represent British Columbia farmers and ranchers who are raising meat outside of the conventional, industrial system.

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Local Meat Producers in B.C

The Small Scale Meat Producers Association is a registered non-profit society made up of primary-producers as well as supportive individuals and organizations. It was founded by a group of farmers and ranchers to build greater stability and growth opportunities for small-scale meat producers in British Columbia.

Our Origin Story

The group originated on Facebook with 75 farmers and ranchers from all across British Columbia. Through several months of discussions online, it became clear that there was a real need for small-scale meat producers to come together with a united voice in order to ensure a viable future for the industry. Of particular concern is the lack of capacity at local abattoirs and butcher shops. In March, 2018, the group began the process of registering as a non-profit society in British Columbia.

Small-Scale Meat Sector Survey: A Roadmap to Growth for Local Meat in BC

Defining the small-scale meat sector is a difficult task. Small-scale producers tend to have a limited land base, raise multiple types of livestock and crops, practice integrated farming methods and market their products directly or through outlets that focus on ...

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