About us

The Small-Scale Meat Producers Association represents British Columbia farmers and ranchers who are raising meat outside of the conventional, industrial system. We are a registered non-profit society made up of primary-producers as well as supportive individuals and organizations.

Our Purpose

  • ‎‏‏‏‎To ensure a voice for small-scale meat producers.‏‏‎
  • ‎‏‏‏‎‎‏‏‎To help grow the market and support systems for small-scale meat producers
  • To provide resources and foster research to support the small-scale meat-producing industry.
  • To encourage the adoption of best practices by the small-scale meat-producing industry.
  • To grow a network of small-scale meat producers.

Our Mission

To build greater stability and growth opportunities for small-scale meat producers in British Columbia.

Our Vision


We want to build a thriving small-scale meat industry that supports farmers and contributes in a significant way to food security in BC by offering well-raised, high-quality meat to BC markets by:

  • Developing a community of like-minded producers, consumers, abattoirs, and butchers all working together with the support of all levels of government
  • Removing systemic barriers that impede small-scale meat producers from competing fairly in the marketplace
  • Developing a regulatory framework that acknowledges the unique needs of small-scale meat producers
  • Enabling BC consumers to make purchasing decisions that allow for the production of high-quality meat at family farms with consideration for the environment, and animal welfare.

Our Board & Staff


Leanne Smith

Fence Fast Ltd


Tristan Banwell

Spray Creek Ranch


Dezmond Allan

Regenerative Pasture Systems


Michelle Schaeffer

Whiskey Creek Ranch


Steve Meggait

Fresh Valley Farms

Project Coordinator

Raquel Kolof

Hough Heritage Farm


Dale Drown

Drown Family Farm


Corine Singfield

Winter Sun Farm


Julia Smith

Blue Sky Ranch

Regional Representatives

Regional representatives are ambassadors for their regional district. They advocate for and support producers in their region, liaise with like-minded local groups, identify opportunities for collaboration, stay alert to local funding opportunities, and inform the Association of local issues we should be aware of. They provide feedback on the administration of the Association and work closely with the board and other regional representatives. Interested in being a Regional Rep?