Small Scale Meat

The licensing of groundwater in British Columbia for non-domestic purposes, including the watering of livestock and irrigation, has been a requirement since February 29, 2016. Existing users of water before that date were given until March 1, 2022 to apply for a water licence. Those that did not, would then be considered new users. Many farmers using water for their livestock or some other non-domestic purpose have not applied while some who have applied are still waiting for approval months and in some cases a couple of years since applying. 
Small-Scale Meat Producers Association (SSMPA) would like to hear from producers about this issue so that we are better able to represent your interests when dealing with government officials and politicians. This is an anonymous survey. Names or individual responses will never be revealed. Only the responses in aggregate will be used when we are dealing with government. The survey will take 3-5 minutes to complete and is open until April 13th.
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Thank you for your time. Please share with anyone you think would be interested in participating.