Survey of BC Meat Producers

In 2021, SSMPA is managing a project to survey small to medium-scale meat producers in BC. Through this project, we will be better able to quantify our sector, including identifying the specific barriers to growth faced by producers, and unique regional challenges and priorities.

In the first stage, we conducted a survey developed by our team of producers from across BC. The survey, which closed September 12th, is helping us to document the economic and food-security impact of small-scale meat production in this province, and the potential opportunities for this sector. We were extremely pleased to have over 700 producers participate in the survey, including producers from every single one of the 28 regional districts in the province.

The second stage of the project consists of a series of regional focus groups, where our team is evaluating the priority issues in each of eight general regions in BC, based on preliminary data from the survey. In this stage, we are also beginning to identify potential solutions to these issues.

The third stage will consist of conducting a professional analysis of the information collected through the survey and focus groups, to develop key recommendations in a final report.

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